Daily Archives: May 11, 2009

Power of the Force

There is a power to the force. The force does run deep and over the past 24 hours or so I experienced how the force can be displayed. Imagine this scenario. Many sets of years ago, you were in the US Army and worked at a prominent base outside of El Paso, Texas. You were a senior manager there and had a team of 3 to 5 enlisted personnel. Life was good and simple and you enjoyed it. But the time came and you had decided to move on. It was not that the military life was bad; it was that you wanted something different. So then the years went by as years do. Those people were faded images you could call out by looking at old papers and letters.

As it happens the “you” is “me” and this happened to me. I happened to be on one of those reunion sites (not the worthless classmates.com) but one called military.com. I had done some searches out of curiosity and interest. Then a name came up. The name made me remember with a degree of fondness a group of people I had been associated with. Our beer drinking escapades, the life we enjoyed. I reached out to that person and a connection was made. A net was drawn. A link was renewed.

The internet force truly is good and bad. For its good essence, there are circles within circles and webs within webs. There are connections still waiting. I let this go for so many years and now I feel particularly humbled and joyous to find this person. My message to you all is to not let the years let those connections slide by. Keep the circles intact and the webs in both directions.

May the force be with you.