NAS Options

I’ve been thinking about simplifying of late.  I have a pretty decent file server, vpn server, NFS, Samba, etc server.  I’ve reached a point with it where I can rebuild it really quickly since I mount a RAID 1 array on a 3ware card with 2 SATA drives.  The primary drive is a simple little ide drive which can die and I don’t really lose much.  The thing also does web so I backup web and then back it up to a Maxtor USB drive with some simple rsync scriptology. 

Now I’m thinking about a NAS appliance and particularly the Qnap TS209.  This thing does web, samba, NFS, and even other stuff and its an embedded Linux solution.  I could add in a few SATA drives, create the RAID array and basically not even need the server I have now.  I am curious whether I could run wordpress off it.  It seems to do mysql and PHP.

I could also build my own NAS using the VIA chipset microITX boards and there are lots of howto’s out there on it.  I could also use my little Shuttle Celeron system that is not in use and perhaps use FreeNAS on it.

If you have not guessed yet, this is a toy thing and not a serious production or reliability gambit for me.  My important stuff will get backed up to the USB drive no matter what and will stay active on a RAID array no matter what.  Its more of something to do for fun and learning.  There are bunches of these cheaper NAS appliances out there which are both diskless and with bundled disks.  The diskless one means I could install a set of disks, use them, get bigger disks, etc.  The Qnap also does iTunes serving but I’ve reached the end of that particular path.  DAAP is nice but the limitations of adding files to the central server, deleting, changing; are too much.  I will mount things instead using CIFS or NFS since I can modify things easier and still share the files.

I’ve graduated to my second week using Rockbox and I’m seriously impressed.  It has that “not done” quality which endears me to the project.  I always find things that are not that I just like.  Linux is like that of course.  Its never really done.  Software in general is never really done.  Rockbox has rough edges and will do strange things sometimes like false warnings of low batteries on my Ipod Video.  Who cares though?  What does it really matter?  I can boot back to the original firmware if I want to.  But the highlights of it mean rsync’ing files to it, never concerning myself with some database, etc.  I can also mount things anywhere, get my music off it, etc.

Finally, been giving a bit of thought to attending SCALE 6X and this time I’m gonna go on Friday and attend the sessions then as well.  A few friends are attending as well so I’m looking forward to the show. Also joined the Linkedin Group.  I’d like to thank Gareth and Ilan for the show and their dedication to the cause.  I know they parse all the links so they’ll find this one as well :).  Having the show at the hotel where its hosted makes it very easy for me to attend and I like the layout and kindness of the hotel staff in general.  I’ve been also considering this year’s Linuxworld Expo.  I just don’t know if I am going to attend, organize another lunch, or what this year.  The last lunch was interesting and crossed over from current and past Levanta and Linuxcare employees.  That was an interesting shift in dynamics.  It started as a Labs reunion thing but we missed Greg this year but gained a bunch of others.  I’m thinking perhaps I will change things out a bit and make it a more generic reunion lunch.

Time well tell, I guess.

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