Rocking the Box…


You know how you want something better when you spend money on a thing?  I reached this point with my Ipod the other day.  It came to me that when I mounted the Ipod on Linux, it truly was just a file system mounted up use the usb-storage system.  Why should I be held hostage by having to use some clunky interface and some program to access the music on my Ipod.  Why not just rsync files to it?  Well, because by default Ipods have databases on them which seem to be gatekeepers of music.  I think you should have full use of devices like Ipods and be able to mount them as disks, use them, copy to them, remove from them.

Enter Rockbox.   This amazing bit of open source firmware installs on a few different devices including my Video 60g and frees one from the clunk and fragility of the iTunes interface.  Instead imagine just copying files that you want to play right to it using the windows explorer or rsync or copy or whatever.  Open a Linux terminal and move to the directory that the Ipod is mounted on.  Run a nice program like rsync.  Copy.  Use a theme.

Read on their forums and wiki about it.  Works very nice but read the instructions and obey.