I left, then I write

Well, things have been tied to a project here on this real estate for awhile.  Now, things have quieted down with that work so I decided to just put back WordPress 2.3 here and bask in its glory.  I’m running the Cutline theme.

A lot has been going on at work.  Joyfully, I got a year extension which means they’re stuck with me for another 12 months or so :).  That’s a good thing for everyone and the family unit here really likes it.  No one likes it more than me though.  This job triggers a thing in me.  Its like the right thing, right time.  I don’t quite understand why I had to make so many payment to the wrong things to find this.  Its not around Linux and open source too much; but I do get to talk Linux with our data center back in the mid-west on occasion.  We use a lot of Linux boxen to manage things.

So, this blog has been only updated when I felt like it and I lost my wordpress.com domain because I tired of it.  Seems these things have some kind of “half life” and I feel the urge to move.  I still have not moved this here server from Debian Etch though and that’s a good thing.  I don’t have a lot of time to play with Linux this or that these days though.  Work requires this other OS.  Truth be told, I like the mix and combinations the way they are now. So sue me.  Call me less than fanatical.  Never was fanatical expect when it came to the best of operating systems:

 OS/2 Baby!

Then I was.  I did bad things to Windows 95 boxes at a CompUSA one time. Sabotage to its delicate files.  Shame.

Those days thankfully ended and now computers and OS’es are mere tools that make me productive or slow me down.  Hint: if they slow me down, I ain’t got much in the way of patience.

So here I left and now I write.  I write and will write whether its here or somewhere else.  I got the craze and have had it.  If you want to know the ultimate truth and reality; hang on.  There ain’t none.  If you expect a dose of penultimate open source bigotry, look elsewhere.  I went beyond that at the last clueless job I had.  Back at _that_ startup that did that.  Now I don’t do startups. Or spindowns.  Its me, the work, the play.  The pay.

See ya!  Remember blogging is good for you even if you don’t match up with the grand citizens that can take you to new political, social, and ideological realities.  Write because its right.  Or because its wrong.

Sadish comes through

I’ve purchased themes and used the free ones that Sadish offers for some time now.  This theme is my favorite but I’ve had to move between platforms of late because of work.  I’m building a community profile site for some work tasks; so I have been building and testing on Drupal so I split time with Drupal installed at my domain’s document root and then reconfigure wordpress to be there.

Recently, I found a few issues with two recent themes I had purchased.  This theme, the beautiful Nigarila would not display the latest blog post here even though the archives showed the later post.  Sadish came through for me and fixed this so I can run his theme now on this site.

Thanks Sadish!  I just sent you some personal email.  It all works very nicely now.

I’ve Re-arranged…

A few changes have come about. This blog has come alive again but not at wordpress.com. I decided I wanted to own the blogging presences here and there. This blog runs the open source wordpress.org stuff on my hosting provider. I’ll be updating this site as I go or perhaps less. I have two presences it appears now. The other place is my home running Drupal. We’ll see if I can maintain two weblogs…

Please tag along and watch. Its bound to be an interesting trip.