Widgets, Screen Items, Sidebars

Since I’m a computer habilis sorta guy, I like widgets and sidebars and cutsie little programs that hover on my desktop.  I’ve used gkrellm for some years on Linux and BSD and even Windows.  On the other side I would be remiss for not giving a reference and recommendation for Yahoo! Widgets.  They have several hundreds in their gallery and I’ve found a few imminently useful.  If you use Windows Vista at all, you’ve probably seen their gadgets or the sidebar in action. I do have a minor nit to pick with the windows vista sidebar.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resize a widget and when I run a laptop at 1024×768, some of the sidebar elements are overwhelming.  The Yahoo widgets have “tiny” versions of the things I often use which make the limited real estate on my T40 easier to see and use.

So my question… Does anyone really use widgets or the sidebar for something that provides feedback, use, or other stuff?  I load up a few widgets from Yahoo including the weather, a system monitor widget, and sometimes an iTunes remote.  There is also a pretty nifty one for Putty ssh.

Since I do like gadgets and widgets and either imminently useful or just fun stuff on a desktop, I tend to like the widget approach to giving you an application which updates, provides neat or necessary information, or perhaps even RSS feeds.  On the last one, I’ve pretty much moved to newsfox here within Firefox since its a widget on steroids and its always handy when I’m using Firefox.  It runs exceedingly well in any ole OS I happen to find myself in.  If you are using Linux and want a nice blogging client I would suggest performancing as well.  I don’t really know of a blogging client for Linux which approaches any of the windows only ones that are out there. 

Personal Notes of Note

Yes, I am still looking for work and I’ve had a few interesting bits and bytes here and there.  I’m not gonna announce or tell any of my cadre of friends or colleagues which one is which.  Every time I’ve done that in the past, I have walked away believing I got the job and then just walked away not getting it.

I’m heading down to SCALE 5x in a few weeks.  If you are going, you can buy me a beer!  Remember, I’m outa work and suffering here… 🙂  SCALE is the heir apparent to the rather dismal IDG shows I believe but you cannot talk me into ranting/raving about LWE in SF.  The last few shows have been less than stellar.  IDG, if you want some meaningless advice, remember that the “dot.orgs” are where everything comes from.  They should be at the center and not Novell.