First off, I’ve been doing this blog thing since way back perhaps to Advogato days.  I don’t really believe I was “blogging” then.  My diary updates were reflections on life and stuff.  Wait a doggone moment!  That’s what I do now with this thing.  I also travelled across Manila hosting, Movabletype, Typepad, WordPress, Drupal, back to WordPress.  Back to Movabletype.  Back to nothing after a bit of frustration.  Then I blogged again and then I quit.  Then I left a job because I blogged and I got people pissed off because I said stuff in the blog about certain dismal work conditions.  I feel the most sorry about that.  Much of that was taken way too seriously and I lost a friend over it.  Perhaps I learned the power of the blog at that moment.

I once maintained two weblogs at the same time; but it was too confusing.  I wish anyone loads of luck with maintaining two weblogs.  You have to be very true to the comet and pyramid.  The blogoverse is a comet and many of us live at the mid and tail parts where the comet is thick and full.  The blogoverse is a pyramid.  The top part of the pyramid is very limited in space and we have the godlike figures who can blog the world political, social, and sociological and take that most vaunted of needs.  Namely links.  Give me links dammit!  Please!  Someone just link to me for God’s sake.  I want to see results in a Technorati search.  But more of us live in the middle part of the pyramid.  Life there is different.  There are more of us and the world is different there.  People actually write blogs and do not count on being authoritative.  They write because they think its fun, cool, or it provides some mile markers for friends, family, co-workers.  I think many more people live there in that dense part of the pyramid.  There are millions and millions (no Carl Sagan foolery) of blogs out there but there are only a relative few of BLOGS out there.

I decided to resurrect my Tail of the Comet blog over on  Why in Hell would I do that I wonder?  I often do not find the time to even publish here and the stuff I do publish is rubbish and personal travels and philosophical pedantry.  But, Hell, thats okay.  I’m clued in my own way I guess.

I do love blogging about anthropology and archeology (there is no second “a” dammit).  Okay?  But the reason I like blogging about those sciences is that they traverse my own distances well and I still see the world with a certain set of glasses on.  I still watch Discovery shows about archeological finds in the world and I find myself excited and sometimes gripping the sides of the chair and mumbling this or that.  My all knowing and omnipotent wife only smiles in that maddeningly female knowing way.  I wonder sometimes at this… How did women ever get so smart?  Or more likely… How did men get so dumb?  My wife takes one look at me sitting on the edge of the sofra watching archeologists walking across arid desert landscapes, finding things, discussing why they are so important.  She just smiles again.  She knows.

So I blog and it often feels therapeutic and after I feel relaxed and less stressed and bound.  It just feels so good to write the usual stuff that I do.  Perhaps I remove the plug and I drain out in the virtual ink on the wordpress pages.

And it feels so damned good…