Interesting Perspectives and the PotUS

After the recent news about the ports, Dubai, the ongoing problem our currrent administratiion seems to have with honesty, I am compelled to make one of my few political blogposts.  Ive added a few categories but I really have doubts now that anything that the Republicrats tell us is true.  Or, what they say may be true, at one exact moment in time but as the next minute ticks through, its all dishonesty and vapour.  The other things that have seemed to disappear are whether the guys at the top leaked more of the CIA’s identity and who really did it.  The “Scooter” says it came from higher.  A couple more steps and there is no “higher”.  We’ve supposedly reached that high point where the PotUS lives.  PotUS cannot make mistakes, must be true blue, knows security, and has the best interests of his adoring public.  Hell, he’s listened to all of our conversations on the phone and read our email if it goes outside the country anyways.  Its not like this bad ole internet respects where the boundaries are drawn.  Perhaps PotUS needs to see that his local actions have global repercussions. Other past PotUS have made mistakes with other things which seem to have caused a variety of repercussions; yet the current PotUS seems to be slicked down with some kind of oil where events just slide off.  The teflon no-stick surface?

Who knows where our beloved PotUS goes next.  Ports, weapons, listening to calls, reading emails, bad news about the war and why.  PotUS is in trouble and its not even a PotUS election year.

Poor PotUS.  Lets all decide that we can do better than what we have now. But we have to vote.  If you don’t do that, your voice is silent.  Perhaps we all start with California and we’ll give your Governor true “total recall”.  Let him remember what he said about schools, police, fireman, and nurses.  They got his number anyways.