Where do we go next?

This is a placeholder for a blog entry I would like to write… perhaps now I will write it. Often we are placed in situations at work, home, even in play that cause us stress. There is an imbalance in the force that drives us. It creates the “yin and yang” feeling where we know our direction but another exerts its influence on us. I’ve always felt that those are defining moments and we can see both sides of a action with extreme clarity. Its when we take responsibility for an action, when we say “I am chartinig my course”. At that moment, I think people enter new psychic relationships and see events and connections with utmost clarity.

Consider it in your own lives. Have you not reached some defining moment and thought, “I know this place, I can see all the vistas, I see the forces aligned and against”. Its like the veil of our normal human existance is lifted at that moment and we can act in certain ways to define, delineate, operationalize, and actualize.

This blog has always been a forum for my own reflection. Its just a place where the “idea factory” takes me, where I can relate and relax. Whether i blog about anthropology and archeology, Linux, or even places where many supposedly separate things meet up, its meant some level of release and catharsis for me. Perhaps you all feel that way too. My only thought about this is if you only write to have public exposure and have authority heaped on your blog, you are probably not exploring teh density of your life and substituting the public perception instead.

Dive down deep, find the meaning. You’ll reach the “yin and yang” of your life and see that when you reach a moment of exceptional clarity it probably arrives decked in a stressor and you have to “rise above”.

Just my perceptions though 🙂