My Sage Companion and Performancing

Firefox extensions are wild and cool and work and take my regular old Firefox experience and jack it to a new level.  I also can make use of very nice blogging companions like Performancing to have a great way of entering a blogpost into my wordpress weblog.  On the linux side, there just are not many client companions like W.bloggar or BlogJet.  Too bad I think because we need them.  Not to go off on too much a tangent (and I do this all the time anyways so who cares…), there a few applications I want on Linux:

blogging client companions – well until Performancing this was largely a no-show.  Now with the Performancing extension I got it covered.

RSS Aggregators – well, there is Liferea and RSSowl.  So that one is covered as well.  If you ain’t used RSSowl, just Who the Hell you think you are?

Flow Charters/Information Organizers – actually this one is not there on Linux.  We got Dia which really does not say much.  So I tend to wander over to a XP laptop when the need arises here.

Vector Drawing Applications – well, I think this has gotten better with things like sodipodi and inkscape.  We have tools now to create vector images.

The no KDE and no Gnome Alliance – join now!  We don’t need either of them. They’re boatloads of colorful icons and themes and stuff.  But what they really do is slow things down.  Honestly though, I see the need.  When I first went over, I was on something like FVWM/2 or /1 or something on SuSE 5.x.  Man… That was painful and rather hard to change.  Now I run WindowMaker chiefly because I understand it and it loves me.  It never sends me those lovely core files either or stops certain icons from running.  Gnome is guilty!  It causes icons to stop and KDE really frustrated my wife because she would be clicking away in evaluation mode and nothing really happened.  She got frustrated early on and gave it up.  Basically said she, “nothing works”.  Back then, too true.

Anyways, now we can live in Mozilla Firefox with the Sage and Performancing Extensions.  Sage is a wonnerful little web tool that does aggregatin’ and populatin’ and wonnerful RSS engrabulatin’.  Yes to Sage and Woo Hoo to Performancing…

Oh, by the way, having a full-time job is rather nice too!  My last job was more than full-time and I got paid much less.  Let us all sing the song about what we want and need now.  Its Friday!