Daily Archives: September 21, 2005

Seen the Movie? Nope. I read the book

I’ve been an avid book reader for quite some time and one of the more enjoyable weblogs I read is by an author. Vikk always whets my appetite for my own reading. My reading seems to include a lot of historic fiction these days and some pretty good action thrillers from James Rollins. I like his style and sense of impact, suspense, and the rather international scope of things. The historic novels I really enjoy are those issued by Gary Jennings like Aztec, Journeyer and others. He has this grand scope but he also talks in earthy tones about life low and high. I’ve left a few of his books wishing for more; but the greatest shopping in any number of rings for this stuff has to be Amazon. I just find so much there that i need to read.

My son on the other hand cannot seem to be bothered by most reading. When I was 14, it was like my escape, my travel, my mysticism. He seems to like the more 3d computer and PlayStation gaming releases. Perhaps its just me overall and reading is not a skill that is transmitted genetically :). Its a learned thing and people pick it up, dust it off, taste it at different points in their lives. Often a book to me is a cherished release and if I read about intrepid archeologists or paleontologists I get this sense of life past.

Being a good book reader I think must be different than merely being a reader. One has to revel in its intricacy, find its message or just let the pages be steps that allow an escape. Sometimes writing a weblog entry has that same almost mystical quality. It used to be blogging over on TypePad I felt compelled to write things of quality; these days I find myself waiting and watching silently for the kids to quiet themselves down so I can consider the array of my messages.

Then I can decide for my own release that there is a book, there is a blog to read. I don’t need the movies most times. I can enjoy the book.